Interview in magazine LOTL 18 October 2012

Interview in magazine LOTL

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by LOTL. We discussed how I bring identity into my body of work. Additionally, it explores my thematic, process, and the usage of culture/ethnicity to fuel the context of my work. Our dialogue also touched upon how using restraining photographic mediums such as Polaroid cameras push my work […]

Interview with Harlem World Magazine 14 October 2012

Interview with Harlem World Magazine

I was recently interview by Harlem World Magazine here is an Excerpt from the interview: The Harlem born visual artist whose work is in the upcoming Harlem Art Walking Tour 2012 in October as she shoots her art and defines what Harlem is. Here, the artist talks about Muslim women, nudity, gentrification, the Young Lords and the […]

The Mavericks of Harlem 14 October 2012

The Mavericks of Harlem

Here are some of the images from my latest curating adventure at The Brick Wall Gallery. Up from October to November. It is a show with 8 artists featured. Lina Puerta, Alexis Duque, June Kosslof, Sonia Blanco-Florentino, Mariano Cinat, Cynthia M. Reed, Debora Clark Fairfax, Darlene A. Aschbacher.

2012 October Harlem Open Studio Tour 12 October 2012

2012 October Harlem Open Studio Tour

The October Harlem Open Studio Tour was a phenomenal success. I had over 350 visitors to the studio to see some of my new pieces. I had numerous fantastic conversations with people about my work and art in general. The most incredible thing was the excited reception of my conceptual video, Recordare. I also had […]

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