As a photographer, visual artist and curator the core of my work is
about memory. I incorporate aspects of film, performance art and
sculpture. In my work I orchestrate scenarios that imbue the pain of the
past and its ramifications in the present. Often I create highly
charged themes such as repression, history, race, and sexuality; my
photographs ask, “How does history coupled with choices or inactions
shape the fabric and legacy of who we are?”


Originally from Dorado, Puerto Rico, her early work visually depicted
the historical context of colonialism and legacy through poetic and at
times brutal imagery challenging the viewer. Since, her work has grown
to be as formally ambitious, expressive as well as psychically probing.

By 2012 she had been featured in over 35 national exhibitions, and
was specially selected by General Electric Co. to exhibit at the Image
in the Mirror: Reflection on Identity in Fairfield Connecticut

At the 2013 Femmes, Ancien Musée de Peinture Place de Verdun –
Grenoble, France, Allicette debuted “Liberation Through Oppression” a
controversial work regarding the hajib and burka and its context within
the political climate in Europe.

She was recently selected to show at the 2014 art exhibitions being
held at  Project Gallery in Toronto, Canada and Maison de Associations,
Pont De Claix, France. Allicette has also been a finalist in the 3rd
Edition International Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Nude category.

Motivated by her conscientious approach to create a platform that
will broaden the established confines of what is the nude photographic
figure as art, Allicette founded the magazine Clear Nude, a quarterly
publication focuing on the artistic nude.

With a growing recognition of her work, nationally and
internationally, Allicette Torres continues to expand the boundaries of
the nude figure in photography, by breaking out of the photographic
frame evoking a fearless and vulnerable image.

Residing in Harlem New York, Allicette is a member of the Woman’s
Caucus for Art (WCA) and ArtFormsUs, both major organizations for art in
the United States and an affiliate of the Italian art collective, l’
association Eco E Narciso.