Recordare (Short Cut)


Science tells us time can move forward and backward on a line. In contrast our mental perception of the natural world is sequential, as if ruled be the laws of causality. Our human idea of time is arranged as past, present and future.

My base idea is how time travels through physical, human space. I’m exploring how actions and our existence are in a delay similar to the delay of light from the sun. I believe time actually exist only in past and future. The present is actually in the past while feeling like a present. For example, if you reach for a glass of water the communication and coordination between the desire and the execution will just chase itself never quite in sync with the physical space the drinking of the glass of water is happening. Again like the sun, we never actually receive the suns rays in our present it is merely our perception of the experience. Is the delay equal when time is reversed or finally becomes the present? If we travel backwards in the physical are also locked in a delay? A past, past?

The video is about the manifestation of this idea of time in an emotional and physical form. The scientific described not in equations but in a manner that our humanness allows us to perceive the internal, emotional and physical.

This is small cut of a much longer video I'm currently editing.


Recordare from Allicette on Vimeo.