Liberation Through Oppression


The Liberation Through Oppression series explores how the Westernized world expects non-Western world to acculturate to its societal norms. Its methodology is to demonize religious or cultural differences while, at the same time, make its own seem rational, righteous and correct. I use the current friction of a Muslim woman's head dress, and its perceived non-conformity to western ideals, as a metaphor to address this theme.

My photographs mirror the fallacy of Western culture's assertion of supremacy. It is presumed that Muslim women need to be saved from the victimization of their religion and culture. Theoretically they are refashioned as new archetypal versions of the "noble savage" in a desperate need of proper re-education in freedoms only western philosophy, culture and religion can provide. However, from these actions a certain type of double oppression occurs. Regardless of women's choices, whether to assimilate into their adopted culture, women will be ostracized either by their native religion/culture or by that of their adopted home. Women are given a free choice but are only offered one option. It is the illusion of freedom.